February 22, 2021 – Tech

Set up SMS automation with GatewayAPI + Zapier

Working smarter by automating a series of tasks is becoming increasingly popular. Luckily, there are several platforms out there that can help you get started even if you haven’t got any coding experience. 

In the same way as Integromat, which we integrated with last year, Zapier can be used to connect a wide range of apps in order to automate workflows. At the time of writing, Zapier offers over 3,000 apps to pick from, in other words more or less every app you can think of. 

Perhaps you want to enable easy-purchasing via SMS at your Shopify setup? Or wish to send out a confirmation SMS when an appointment is booked? Or you have a small target group and wish to manage SMS broadcasts yourself via Excel? Or you wish to receive new SMS messages in your email inbox? Or you wish to automatically forward SMS messages to Slack?  Zapier can make it all possible.

What is Zapier?

The California-based company Zapier describes itself as a no-code platform and is today used by individuals and organisations globally to set up automation workflows – or as they call it: “Zaps”. Like Integromat the goal is to make it as simple as possible to connect your favourite apps. If any obstacles should occur, their support offers to assist customers. Zapier is also free to use, if you have set up less than five apps and run less than 100 tasks/month.

On the technical side, Zapier boasts an uptime of 99.9 % and a high-level of data security so you can rest assured that your data are safe as it transfers between the apps you have selected.

Automate away with GatewayAPI + Zapier

Set up any kind of SMS automation you need with the Zapier GatewayAPI app.

If you haven’t done so yet, create a GatewayAPI account. Afterwards you can create a Zapier account. Both can be created easily via your Gmail account.

When you have both of these, you can set up your first “Zaps” by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Zapier account
  2. Go to “My Apps” at the left side menu
  3. Search for “GatewayAP”
  4. Click “Connect” 
  5. Insert your API token to begin using our app in Zapier.

You can find your unique GatewayAPI API token in your GatewayAPI dashboard under “API” → “API Keys” → “Get key/token”.

Available features in the GatewayAPI app

Currently, our app in Zapier allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Send SMS: Sends an SMS message using your GatewayAPI account.
  • Get Account Balance: Returns the current balance of your GatewayAPI account.
  • Get Received Messages: Returns all messages you have received on any of the virtual numbers associated with your account in a given timeframe.
  • Get SMS Prices: Returns the price per SMS in different countries.

Later on we will add ready-made templates as well, which will enable you to quickly set up a workflow as well as provide you with inspiration on which SMS-related tasks you can automate.


Global SMS Gateway

We have made it simple to implement SMS services into your business by offering some of the best prices worldwide as well as easy integration, world-class customer support, an intuitive interface and a rock-solid uptime of 99.99 %. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create a FREE account in less than two minutes here: Go to GatewayAPI or contact sales@gatewayapi.com.